Drone Build Resources
Hurricane Racing Drone Building, Instructions & Resources

Ready to Fly Getting Started Instruction Manuals:

Ragg-E 200H Getting Started Instructions

Getting Started with your Hurricane Mk1. (Instructions work with any Naze based RTF Drone)

Getting Started with your Hurricane Mk2.

Building Instructions:

Simplified (with bullet connectors) wiring diagram.

Complex (no bullet connectors) wiring diagram.

Motor layout expanded diagram.

General build guidelines.

FS-i6 & IA6B Receiver Instructions.

Naze Setups:

How to set up Cleanflight on a Naze (Video)

Naze User Manual

Naze Drivers for Windows

Cleanflight Software *requres Google Chrome browser to be installed first

Naze Rev 6 Beta Hex *Right Click then "Save Link As"

PID Settings for Beast (very aggressive)

Cleanflight Config files:

Hurricane Mk2 Standard Config

Hurricane Mk1 Standard Config **This is the standard Hurricane Config, which RTF Hurricanes ship with. It has default PIDs, flight modes and barometer on the 2 position switches, Motor_Stop enabled, and a failsafe setup, and PPM mode on. The above Mk2 PIDS will perform better than these even on the Mk1, but you will need to flash it with cleanflight 1.11 or newer to use them.

Hurricane Supersport Config **These PIDs are no longer recommended for use. The Mk2 PIDs above will give superior performance, but you will have to flash to cleanflight 1.11 or newer to use them.