The Close of RadioC

It is with mixed feelings that we announce that RadioC will be closing down over the next few months.

Running an FPV store has always been a labour of love. Myself and those who have worked with me over the years did it because we enjoyed doing it. Now the passion that this kind of endeavour requires has been extinguished, and what used to be fun has become work. Success in other ventures has left me with no real reason to keep RadioC open.

I would like to thank each and every person we have had the pleasure of working with, selling to, and creating this new industry with over the years. Many who started as customers are now my friends. There have been good times, bad times, victories, and failures. It is all water under the bridge now, and I hope everybody enjoyed the journey as much as I did. We were among the very first FPV stores in the UK, and we are very proud to have been a major part in building this new hobby.

In order to clear stock, the bulk of lines are now on sale at liquidation prices.

The main logistical points customers need to be aware of:

  • Orders are being shipped. Any and all orders placed will ship. As long as the website allows you to place an order, we are still shipping orders. There may be some delays in shipping, but orders are going out.
  • The phone may not be answered, as the office is not often manned.
  • Emails are being answered, but there may be a delay.
  • Warranties & returns on components will continue as long as the site is open.
  • Support on existing pre-built drones will continue even after we close. It will be taken over by Jack personally, who is the engineer that built them and is fully qualified to assist you.

Enquires relating to the closure or interest in the store or assets should be sent to me personally at Order queries should be directed to