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iSDT SC-608 150W Smart Balance Charger ISDT CP-16027 160W 27V XT60  Power Supply Adaptor ISDT Q6 Plus 300W 14A LCD Mini Smart Balance Charger Orange
iSDT SC-608 150W Smart Balance Charger
Our Price: £33.99
Special Price: £24.99
Savings: £9.00
ISDT CP-16027 160W 27V XT60 Power Supply Adaptor
Our Price: £44.99
Special Price: £33.50
Savings: £11.49
ISDT Q6 Plus 300W 14A LCD Mini Smart Balance Charger Orange
Our Price: £62.99
Special Price: £44.00
Savings: £18.99
The SC-608 from iSDT is the go-to charger for most drone hobbyists and professionals. The SC-608 is fantastically capable, pumping out up to 8a, allowing very quick charging for almost any lipo battery. Armed with a highly use friendly full colour interface, this charger takes some of the complexity out of charging and allows you to spend more time flying and less time messing around looking after your batteries.

The SC-608 balancer is absolutely tiny, but is rock solid. This little device can be used with a big LiPo as power source in the field- meaning you don't have to have a power socket to keep charging. Alternatively hook it up to any 12v supply to charge directly. A power transformer is not included and should be bought separately if required.
The input connector is a XT60, and the SC-608 accepts a wide range of voltage so you can use a large capacity LiPo to recharge a couple of smaller on the field. The output is designed for XT60 batteries- so adaptors may be required if you're still using older style batteries.
IDST have included a very clever, natural single shuttle control making charging with SC-608 a pleasant user experience
These are the UK version of the charger which correctly defaults to English.

2.4" IPS Display
262K colors Hi-brightness monitor, up to 178°visible angle, brings outstanding display overcomes other chargers
Input Voltage: DC 9V - 32V
Output Voltage: 0 - 30V
Charge Current: 0.1 - 8.0A in 100mA steps
Discharge Current: 0.1 - 3.0A in 100mA steps
Cell support: 1S - 6S
Max. Charge Power: 150W
Max. Discharge Power: 5W
Balance Current: 500mA per cell
Support Battery Type: LiFe/ Li-ion/ LiHv (1-6S), NiMH(1-18S), Pb (1-12S)
Displayer: 2.4" 320x240 IPS LCD
Dimensions: 88x58x21 mm
Weight: 110g

Package Includes:
-1 x ISDT SC-608 Charger
-1 x Instruction manual
The ISDT CP-16027 power supply is a transformer designed to supply power to your drone lipo charger from the mains- or any input from 80 to 264v- making it suitable for use worldwide. This guarantees clean power for your charger, and means you will be able to charge anywhere.
The CP-16027 is equipped with heat dissipating aluminium case, and an active PFC circuit for low power consumption. It achieves industry level in shortage protection and over voltage protection, for maximum safety during drone charging.

Note that this is just a power supply, the chargers are sold

Power cables for the UK & US are both included.
Input Voltage: AC 80V - 264V
Output Voltage: DC 27V
Output Power: 160W
Max Output Current: 7.4A
Environment Temperature: -30°-70°
Size: 122mm(H) x 56.2mm(W) x 38.5mm(D)
Weight: 350g
AC Input Wire Length: 120 cm
XT60 Cable Length: 40 cm

Designed for RC industry
Compact size, High safety coefficient, Patented XT-60 output

Industry grade circuit protection
Short current protection
Over load protection
Over voltage protection
Over Temperature protection

Active PFC circuit
Wide range input voltage (80V ~ 264V) can be served for many different areas

Quiet working and low fan noise
Aluminium case with high heat-sinking capability

Durable capacitor with high performance to ensure continuous and stable power supply

Package included:
1 x ISDT CP-16027 160W 27V XT60 Output Active PFC Power Supply Adapter
1 x AC Input Cable
1 x XT60 Cable
The iSDT Q6 Plus is the next generation charger for Drone pilots and RC enthusiasts. Charger technology has come a long way. There is no longer a need for bulky lipo chargers with old school readback screens. Jump into this century with the Q6 Plus from iSDT. This charger is in orange.

Note a power supply is not included with these, and must be bought separately (or use a battery).

This charger delivers a massive charge speed- at up to 14 amps you can balance almost any LiPo battery at it's fastest possible setting.

The ISDT Q6 Plus is designed for field charging- meaning they can operate by using a larger battery plugged into the charger to supply power to smaller batteries. Or grab a 12v power supply (sold separately) and charge directly. It can also work from a car battery or cigarette socket (wires not included).
The new ISDT Q6 Plus with rounded edge design easily stows in bag or pocket. Same size as the SC-608 charger with twice the power capacity.
This charger features an intuitive menu system designed to make charging easy.

The ISDT can charge lipo batteries from 1-6 cells, making it suitable for racing drones, micro drones, tiny whoops, and larger professional drone systems. They can also charge a range of other batteries, including lead acid (you could even use it to charge your car battery!).

ISDT Q6 Main Features:
Colour: Orange
32-bit CPU, high processing speed
2.4 inch IPS display with 178-degree visible angle, auto brightness
50 percent smaller but 300 percent higher cooling efficiency
Optimization sCOs, instant boot
One key shuttle control, easy access to status and settings, 80 percent reduction of operation
The third generation smart balance charger features high accuracy and subtle voltage adjustment
Universal international version, multi-language menu - English, French, German are available

Input voltage: DC 7 - 23V
Output voltage: 0 - 30V
Charge current: 0.1 - 14.0A
Discharge current: 0.1 - 3.0A
Max. charge capacity: 300W
Max. discharge capacity: 8W
Balancing current: 1A / cell
Balance cells: 2 - 6S
Supported battery type: LiFe / Li-ion / LiPo / LiHV ( 1 - 6S ); NiMH / NiCd ( 1 - 16S ); Pb ( 1 - 12S )
Display: 2.4 inch 320 x 240 IPS LCD
Operating temperature: 0 - 40 Deg.C
Storage temperature: -20 to 60 Deg.C