How do I return an item?

RadioC accepts returns in keeping with UK law, where the item is returned as supplied. This normally requires the item to be unused, or unfit for it's purpose.

Where goods are faulty and the fault is confirmed, please contact us to have your cost of UK Royal Mail 1st Class return postage refunded to you. Items bought in error or returned for any reason other than a fault are returned at the customers own expense. International customers will have to return goods at their own expense regardless of circumstance.

To be categorized as faulty an item must have an actual physical defect before your use of it occurred, or have ceased to function as specified with no user caused damage. Items you are unable to make work due to your own qualification limitations, or damaged or altered by you will not quality for a return postage refund and may not quality for a refund.

Goods which show obvious signs of use, misuse, or damage are not eligible for refund or replacement. Batteries of any type are warrantied only for a single cycle, any damage occurring after first use will be treated as customer caused. Lipo batteries not showing correct cell voltages on the first use will be treated as dead on arrival and can be handled under warranty.

To return an item use the following steps:

1. Contact us at sales (at) to let us know the circumstances and confirm the return.
2. Pack the order up suitably.
3. Include a cover note clearly stating your name, the original order number (this serves as your RMA number), and your desired action (refund, replacement, alternative items etc.)

4. Return the item to RadioC, Vitality House, 2/3 Imberhorne Way, East Grinstead, RH19 1RL

Cancelling or changing an order:

If you have placed an order that has not yet shipped and you want to cancel it or change it, please contact us. Our response time to most emails is within one hour and we will be happy to help amend your order as quickly as possible.

Ordered the wrong thing?

If you ordered a part and discovered you actually needed something else, don't worry. As long as the item is still unopened and as new, we will generally swap it for credit to another item up to 60 days from your purchase. Please contact us to discuss the return and we will work something out with you.

What are my legal rights to return drone parts?

If you are in the UK, your rights are covered by the Consumer Rights Act of 2015. This is covered more simply here. The main point is that your parts must arrive in state where they are fit for purpose as implied in our product descriptions. This means the item must arrive working. However, there are a handful of points you should be aware of:

1. You have the right to return anything, provided you have not modified it in any way, for up to 30 days. (However the below points do apply for this period).

2. RadioC must warranty most items for 6 months, and items which develop a fault through no fault of your own will be covered in this time. After 6 months have passed, RadioC is only required to accept a return on an item if the customer can prove it was faulty at the time it was first received. (However the below points do apply for this period).

3. The nature of our hobby means the intended life span of all parts we sell is 6 months. Parts developing faults after 6 months will not be accepted as a return. (With the exception covered in point 2 above).

4. The purpose of these items is generally to be flown, not crashed. Crash damage is not covered, and will end any rights to return an item.

5. Damage to parts which have been soldered or modified, where the fault could have been detected before soldering or modification will not be covered. Where a fault could not have been detected prior to soldering RadioC may accept a return, where the fault is not in our estimation likley to have been caused by any soldering or modification undertaken by the customer. If you are concerned that you may damage an item during soldering, please use our soldering service.

6. Damage caused by misuse of the item is not covered. Examples include:
An ESC rated for a given number of amps run on a setup known to draw more than this amperage.
Any items powered at the wrong polarity.
Video transmitters powered on without a suitable grounding antenna.
Batteries run beyond their printed C rating.